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Hi! I am Elina, a freelance web developer from Gothenburg, Sweden.

I collaborate with brands, businesses and agencies with the aim to make our www a better and prettier place. I build websites and web applications using the latest techniques and frameworks. My go-to stack would be React, Gatsby, Node and Headless API’s.

I am also a teacher at Yrgo. Teaching students about web development with a focus on frontend development.

Extra extra extra

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Are you 100% sure? - Yes

Don't judge - No

It's not THAT bad - Ok

Well, actually I'm proud of it - Ok...

I love reality shows. Especially the Kardashians where Kim is my favorite. And Kanye, I can never hate Kanye. I also love to hike! And to drink dry ciders with my friends. End of message! :)

Humble bragging

Companies I’ve worked with

  • Humblebee
  • Hoy
  • Polestar
  • Sultan & Sultan
  • Stena Recycling
  • Teater Halland


  • Speaker at State of frontend
  • JavaScript fundamentals teacher at Yrgo
  • Handcramp.lol - ProductHunt
  • Featured in NetMagazine
  • Featured in Spotify's Showcase